16.11.11 09:00 Alter: 7 yrs

Three manuscripts submitted

Von: TN

Three new manuscripts have been submitted for publication and are currently under review:


Computational identification of microRNA gene loci and precursor microRNA sequences in CHO cell lines
Hackl M, Jadhav V, Jakobi T, Rupp O, Brinkrolf K, Goesmann A, Pühler A, Noll T, Borth N, Grillari J


Effects of high passage cultivation on CHO cells: a global analysis
Beckmann T, Krämer O, Klausing S, Heinrich C, Thüte T, Büntemeyer H, Hoffrogge R*, Noll T


Utilisation and evaluation of CHO-specific sequence databases for mass spectrometry based proteomics
Meleady P, Hoffrogge R, Henry M, Rupp O, Bort JH, Clarke C, Brinkrolf K, Kelly S, Müller B, Doolan P, Hackl M, Beckmann TF, Noll T, Grillari J, Barron N, Pühler A, Clynes M, Borth N