Freitag 17. of Dezember 2010 Prof. Leda Castilho is visiting professor at Cell culture Technology Group

From 10th of January 2011 Prof. Dr. Leda Castilho from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) will join our group as a visiting professor for six months. During her stay, that is funded by the National Council of...

Freitag 17. of Dezember 2010 Dr. Raimund Hoffrogge appointed as head of proteomics group

Dr. Raimund Hoffrogge, founding head of the Proteomics group at the Institute of Cell Culture Technology from 2006 until march 2010, will return to Bielefeld as a permanent head of the proteomics group after spending some time...

Dienstag 14. of Dezember 2010 New manuscript accepted

Quantitative characterization of metabolism and metabolic shifts during growth of the new human cell line AGE1.HN using time resolved metabolic flux analysis

Niklas J, Schräder E, Sandig V, Noll T, Heinzle E (2010),


Dienstag 30. of November 2010 Hans Brinkmann in den Ruhestand verabschiedet

Nach mehr als 20-jähriger Zugehörigkeit zum Institut für Zellkulturtechnik wurde Herr Hans Brinkmann heute in den verdienten Ruhestand verabschiedet. Herr Brinkmann war als verantwortlicher Mitarbeiter in der Mechanischen...

Donnerstag 28. of Oktober 2010 New manuscript accepted

Fast filtration for metabolome sampling of suspended animal cells

Volmer M, Northoff S, Scholz S, Büntemeyer H, Noll T (2010),

Biotechnology Letter, accepted



A new method for sampling suspended animal cells by...

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